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Looking for a commercial radon company near me? Radon Systems provides commercial services for testing for radon in commercial buildings in Worthington, OH. Our services are also available in all areas within 75 miles of Columbus, OH.

Radon is one of the naturally occurring radioactive gases. It is present in water and certain rocks. The radon found in the outdoors is harmless. However, when it makes its way into commercial buildings and homes, then it becomes hazardous. Radon ranks as one of the leading causes of lung cancer. It is, therefore, crucial to test for radon in commercial buildings where the gas is found.

If you are looking for professional commercial radon services near me, contact Radon Systems. We are certified and insured to provide radon testing and mitigation services. We have been in this business for over 30 years. As a leading commercial radon testing company in Worthington, OH we pride ourselves in offering quality services. If you have been searching for a commercial radon company near me, you can rely on us. Our expert contractors will show up promptly and get the job done.

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Radon In Commercial Buildings

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When people think of radon, they assume that it is a residential problem. However, commercial building owners also need to be concerned about radon. Most people spend an average of eight hours in commercial spaces daily. That means they are at high risk of radon exposure if the gas is present. It can be very dangerous to ignore the radon levels in commercial buildings. If you require commercial radon testing services, get in touch with us.

Our services are extensive, and we have a wide service area in Ohio. That means you’re in luck if you have been looking for a commercial radon company near me in Worthington, OH. The fact that we are near you means that we will show up promptly. Our approach for dealing with radon is effective. We look at the type of building and areas of exposure before we recommend the best mitigation system. We do not give a general solution without considering how your building is exposed.

Commercial Radon Services Near Me

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Commercial buildings have a more complicated structure compared to residential homes. This also means that testing for radon is not as easy. You can make use of radon kits, but these may not be effective. When it comes to testing for radon in commercial setups, it’s important to search for a radon company providing commercial services. If this is you, then get in touch with us for the best commercial radon services.

Commercial buildings have numerous entry points. You need a specialist to guarantee a thorough job. Our technicians will deal with each and every opening. We also understand that commercial buildings have unique features. For instance, the piping and wiring are different from that of a home. We consider all this when advising our clients on the kind of systems to install. Our technicians inspect the entire building before taking any mitigation measures. We strive to deliver commercial radon testing and mitigation services in Worthington, OH with minimal interruption to your daily business activities.

Commercial Radon Company Near Me

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There are certain radon levels used in radon testing. Beyond a certain level, the risk of exposure is too high, requiring mitigation. Our commercial radon testing service helps to determine the radon levels in your building. Based on the findings, we will advise you on the best mitigation system for it. Our technicians will check all the cracks in the walls, the joints, and the drainage systems. Our goal is to ensure that the building’s occupants are not exposed.

Experience is a crucial factor to consider when looking for commercial radon services in Worthington, OH. We have over 30 years of experience. As a result, we have an unmatched wealth of knowledge for dealing with radon in commercial buildings.

We proudly serve business in Columbus, OH and the nearby areas including Hebron, Utica, Dresden, Mt Vernon, Millersport, Centerburg, Delaware, Powell, Grove City, Danville, and Worthington, OH. Join our list of satisfied clients by contacting us today and get professional commercial radon testing services.

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Radon Systems has been helping families and businesses protect themselves from the dangers of Radon for over 40 years.

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