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Radon Abatement Delaware, OH

If you require radon abatement services in Delaware, OH, get in touch with Radon Systems. We provide radon abatement systems at an affordable cost. Our services are also available to Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas, including Westerville, Dublin, Worthington, Upper Arlington, New Albany, New Concord, Byesville, Zanesville, and Newark, OH.

Several factors are considered when buying a real estate property. Even if all the desired factors are satisfactory, the result of a radon test can seal or kill the deal. Radon is a naturally occurring gas mostly found in places that have had commercial buildings or dry cleaning sites nearby. The gas undergoes a natural process of decay to form other elements that are harmful when they bond with dust.

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Radon Abatement Services

When someone buys a property that has high levels of radon they are increasing their chances of suffering diseases like cancer. To ensure the property you are considering has acceptable levels of the gas, you need to work with a company that offers radon abatement services.

Our services include diagnostic tests and the installation of radon abatement systems. We have qualified experts with proper knowledge and years of experience. Our aim is to give you accurate results and help to lower the levels of this gas in your property. We also know that you have a budget to work with. That is why our experts will help find ways to help reduce your radon abatement cost in Delaware, OH.

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Radon Abatement System

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If you’re looking for the best radon abatement companies in Delaware, OH, look no further. It is worth noting that different properties are not exposed to the same levels of radon gas. Because of this, the systems we advise our clients to use are different.

The type of system we install to lower the levels of radon will be determined by the air pressure, a number of holes drilled into the slab and the number of type of fan needed. This is where the expertise of our installers come in. They will discuss the available options with you once they know your specific needs.

The initial testing kits included in the radon abatement services we offer only test the presence of radon in the property. Most kits are easy to use, so you don’t need to hire an expert for the initial test. This helps reduce the overall radon abatement cost.

However, the second test requires an expert to make accurate measurements of the air pressure under the slab. The expert will use a micromanometer to measure the air pressure, and a fan to measure the field extension. The results from these help our clients to choose the best radon abatement system for your property.

Radon Abatement Cost

The cost of our labor is very affordable. We are passionate about keeping families safe from radon pollution. This is the reason why we do not price our labor expensively. Making our labor charges reasonable helps ensure the overall radon abatement cost is affordable. There are a number of system designs from which you can choose. In addition, different radon abatement systems are offered at different price points. That means you can find one that fits into your budget.

Our experience providing the residents of Delaware, OH with radon abatement services have made us realize that the damage caused during system installation often increases radon abatement cost. That is why it is important to work with experts. For instance, our specialist contractors know how to limit the number of holes drilled into the slab. If you are looking for a company that offers affordable radon abatement services in Delaware, OH, and its surrounding areas, look no further than us. We’ll give you value for your money.

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Radon Systems has been helping families and businesses protect themselves from the dangers of Radon for over 40 years.

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At Radon Systems, we have over 40 years of experience protecting homeowners. That’s why our team at Radon Systems never leaves anything up to chance. We take your safety, and the safety of those entering your property, very seriously. So give us a call today!


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